Zoe & Morgan x Georgie Malyon Collaboration

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I have alway been passionate about jewellery, collaborating with the beautiful and talented Zoe & Morgan was at the top of my list of list as I have been a dedicated collector of their jewellery over the years. Im super proud of this work I made with some selected pieces that I interweaved with skulls and flowers. If you are want to purchase please follow the link to zoeandmorgan.com

'What you think, you become, what you feel, you attract and what you imagine- you create'


800m x 800mm
Frame circle mount cut to fit in square frame.

Photographer and Artist: Georgie Malyon


'Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. The only constant is change'


870mm x 750mm Framed image floating, with 7cm around each side.
White box frame 4.5cm deep by 2cm wide. Photographer and Artist: Georgie Malyon






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Georgie Malyon X Brimstone Jewellery - Limited Edition Stalagmite Ring Holders

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A collaboration between Studio Ceramics,Georgie Malyon and Brimstone Jewellery.

Studio Ceramics is an iconic New Zealand company who create commercial and custom-made ceramics. Their pieces are individually handmade, and because of this nature, no two products are exactly the same.

Brimstone Jewellery is an Auckland based and independently-run one-girl business specialising in making pieces of unique jewellery from silver, gold and precious gemstones.

With these two local handmade businesses, and a perfect collaboration in mind, Artist Georgie Malyon worked with the team at Studio Ceramics to create a unique limited edition ring holder after our own hearts.

The Stalagmite Ring Holders are styled and photographed by Malyon, and covered in the beautiful hand crafted creations made by Ami of Brimstone Jewellery.



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The Ritual - Solo Exhibition August 2016

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So I figure its better late than never to let people know what I get up to, so last year August the 30th I had a solo Exhibition which we celebrated my latest work “The Ritual”. Big thanks to Black Robin Gin for supplying some wonderful cocktails and all those who helped on the night.

“This new series of work by Georgie Malyon draws on an ongoing interest in floristry, the occult and the Dutch 17th century still life tradition. Floral arrangements are combined with glittering crystals of amethyst, quartz and obsidian. These are then illuminated with candles, and photographed against a backdrop of cotton or velvet drapery. Incongruous food items often make an appearance: red-backed crabs, chicken feet and animal bones. These uncanny juxtapositions are both intriguing and unnerving in equal parts, producing a sense of cognitive dissonance in the viewer. A witchy tableau, Malyon’s constructions are charged with symbolic potential. Like a spell or incantation, the images evoke both magical and everyday rituals connected to flowers as a reminder of the transience of life, the inevitability of death and the possibility of rebirth as the wheel of life turns.”


Here are some photos from opening night. Photography by Sarah Starkey.







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Ecoya Limited Edition Candles

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Last year I got the opportunity to work with the talented team at Ecoya on there up coming Winter Limited Edition range of candles and room diffusers, they have created two heavenly scents, Ecoya’s limited edition Sweet Strawberry & Blackberry Leaf and Crisp Aqua & Tiare Flower. My Job was to create and art direct the shoot, this is what I came up with! 






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New Pretty Things

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Hello there

This is my new website, welcome. Now let me be a floral pusher to all you flower enthusiasts and lovers of the weird and wonderful, please join me on this little journey of all that is to do with botanicals, all that is magical and make you read all my silly flower thoughts here on this fancy new blog. 





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